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Capacity Building in Agriculture: we are committed to improving sustainability in agriculture and food and creating food cooperatives in local communities with the help of community volunteers. We educate communities about a better use of land, energy conservation and human resources because these three facets constitute resources enabling families to put food at their tables.

Capacity building in health: In many developing countries, children and women die due to lack of access to primary medical care. People, walk 40 to 45 miles in rural areas to purchase aspirin. Governments do not allocate funds to build these types of infrastructures. Roads have not been operational in years. Rural areas remain inaccessible by automobiles as bridges have never been repaired since their collapse.

When we opened a clinic in the rural area of Lukala, one if the districts of Bas-Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) in June 2013, we had to abandon our 4×4 Jeep, 15 miles away from the village of our destination and walked 3 hours: by foot to reach the clinic location. The clinic inauguration was initially scheduled for 11:00 AM, but because of bad road conditions, the inauguration didn’t take place until 4:00 PM.