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MAMBO Initiatives Against Hunger and Poverty Inc. or “MIAHPI” was created in Stafford, Virginia (United States of America) on December 19, 2014 on the vision of its founder, Jacques Mambo, Scholar Practitioner in Public Policy and Administration with expertise in International Non-Governmental Organizations. Mr. Mambo has travelled and lived in many countries including his native country of the Democratic Republic of Congo. While in his country, he was himself victim of poverty. He lived on less than $0.50 a day and on many occasions went hungry all day long.

While in high school and living in other people’s homes, he would go to school without knowing whether or not he would eat when he returns from school. He experienced similar situations in Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, and met families that struggled like him.

While living in the United States and doing his social worker practice, he helped people get out of poverty by providing them with means, skills and hope. He contributed to the construction of a shelter in one of the Counties in South Dakota, to help families transitioning from homelessness to self-sufficiency. With this tremendous experience, he decided to help others so that nobody should have to go hungry again or live in poverty. It is with this faith that he pursued his doctoral studies to specialize in international non-governmental organizations, so that in return, he could lift those who, otherwise, wouldn’t have hope.

Mr. Mambo believes that nobody should live in poverty and this explains why he founded this organization. Until today, many families, whether in the United States or abroad, have lost hope. They live for less than $1.00 per day. Many remain homeless due to lack of adequate shelters. Parents can’t afford to send their children to school. In many war-torn countries such as Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Iraq, Syria, Centre Africa Republic, Sudan, Somalia, Central America and Mexico where drug warlord have taken superiority, hundreds if not millions of children are left orphans and get zero to nothing assistance. In other instances, many children have to walk several miles from their parents’ home, without sneakers while spending journeys hungry. Schools can’t afford to purchase even stools for their classrooms.

His wife, Lydie Tandu Mambo, is a former Congo magistrate who devoted a decade of her time defending the public.